This book is so well written that it kept my attention from the 1st page to the very last! It has intrigue & with all the twists & turns along the way I really had a hard time putting it down, When I did finish it (in a day & a half) I sat there & said WOW! I highly recommend this book as well as Hurricane Deadly by Laura J. Kendall. They are two great suspense novels & I look forward to reading more of her books. Arlene Michel Rich, NJ
I loved this book! It was suspenseful and the details were perfectly written....I tend to be overly critical about EMS situations in books because usually it puts the EMTs and medics in a poor light, this book however, was spot on! Being a former paramedic myself, this book brought me right back to the years that I was working and the great working relationship that EMS and the police must have in order to keep people safe. I really didn't want to put it down and can't wait to dive right into the sequel! Bring it on Laura Kendall and keep them coming!!!! Cheri M.
This review is from: A Simple Case of Suicide!? (The Paramedic Rose Erotic Thriller Series) (Kindle Edition)
Great story with engaging characters and plenty of twists. Amazing build up with one heck of an ending!!!!! Please keep the story line going.  Kerry Debski
5.0 out of 5 stars A curl up on your sofa read., September 10, 2012
This review is from: A Simple Case of Revenge! (Book Two) (The Paramedic Rose Erotic Thriller Series) (Kindle Edition)
I really enjoyed this book. The story moved along really well and kept me wanting to read just one more chapter...until it was done.  Jacquie
This review is from: A Simple Case of Revenge! (Book Two) (The Paramedic Rose Erotic Thriller Series) (Kindle Edition)
Had gotten done reading A simple Case Of sucide,in only two days,I just downloaded this book,and like Simple Case Of suicide,The author leaves you hanging at the end of each chapter and then you must read the next chapter to get to the follwing one to find out what happened in the previous chapetrs.The Lies,Sex,Mystery,Deciet and Suspense in this book will have you wanting more.and the best part of it .I am only up to chapter 6.And already cannot put it down.All I can say if you like a good series,which have lots of SEX,LIES,DECIET,And MURDER then this is for you.  Peter
This review is from: A Simple Case of Revenge! (Book Two) (The Paramedic Rose Erotic Thriller Series) (Kindle Edition)

Well OK , I was eagerly awaiting this book , having only finished A Simple Case of Suicide , just recently ... Well I couldn't put this one down , just like the first until I had finished it ...

The story just rolls "seemlessly" while keeping you pulled in , trying to figure out what might just happen next as well as trying to figure out just who the bad guy is ...

And again having grown up in the are where the book was set , that aspect helped to keep me further riveted as memories of my past fell into settings in the book , a very unigue twist in a book , in my mind !

And even once I finished the book , there was no disappointment that it was done , I just went back thru the plot twist and realized how I had never figured out who the bad guy actually was until Laura wanted me to know ...

I can't wait for the next in the series ... Thank you Laura for some thoroughly enjoying entertainment ...  Sinster68

Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Another awesome addition to this series. Leaves you wanting more. Very well crafted. Can't wait for more...... Peter C.
Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
This was such a fun read by Laura. Before she even begins the story she connects with her reader on a personal level. She shares a personal introduction to the story that causes her to feel like your friend before you even start reading the story. Ms. Kendall is a unique author who delivers her stories from the perspective of an emergency responder. She also intertwines a sweet love story while exacting revenge on her villain in a great "Home Alone" type sequence. I enjoyed this book very much!
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
This is the first book i have read by Ms. kendall. Great read!, suspenseful!!! on the edge of my seat. looking forward to reading her other books!

Format:Paperback|Verified Purchase
Another great read by Author Laura J. Kendall. I couldn't put the book down.. Such an inspirational story of triumph.. Fell in love with the spirit of character Danni.. Another high recommendation for this Author.. Cant wait to read the next one 🙂   Debbie D.
5.0 out of 5 stars Fabulous read!, July 31, 2013
 Verified Purchase
This review is from: Hurricane Deadly (Kindle Edition)
This book kept my interest and I could not wait to turn the page to see what would happen next! I read the book within 1 day! The undercurrent of attraction between Danni and the contractor provided the romantic edge while dealing with the more terrifying story. Not your usual, predictable storyline. Many twists and turns that really made this an exciting read.
After reading the preface, giving the author's background with PTSD, it made the book so much more real. I cannot wait to read more of Ms. Kendall's writings. Thank you Laura for such a fabulous story!  T. Watts (Millville, PA, USA)