On the Tony Robbins Medical Team 2013

Team Leader for an awesome crew!

Fun back in the day at Wayne General Hospital


Welcome. If you're here than one of your favorite genres to read are erotic mysteries and thrillers. I write what I know and many of my life experiences wind their way through my books. My life hasn't been an easy one and I've had many losses and some shocking betrayals, so my mysteries aren't sugar coated and are raw and filled with real life as I know it. I'll leave it for you to decide what is real life and what is my imagination. However, the medical and traumatic scenes/patients, while they are filtered through my experience, they always are fictional and do not feature any actual patients I have encountered.

I always say that working as a paramedic, for 25 plus years, there isn't anything I haven't seen done to another human or animal.I have witnessed countless horrors during my career as well as seen the good that tragedy brings out in my fellow beings. In a way, my writing is cathartic and I guess you could say that is why my suspense/thrillers most certainly go to my dark side. I started writing my first suspense/thriller, while working as a paramedic and state certified police instructor, back in the late 90's and my inspiration was Patrica Cornwell and her books featuring Kay Scarpetta.

 I enjoy writing both sides of life and some days it's the sunny side of the street and some days it is down, dark and dirty.

I am passionate about animals and animal rights. I've helped with rescuing our beautiful American horses from slaughter as well as fostering many greyhounds, rescued off the tracks. I share my life with 2 sweet retired rescued greyhounds; Kelsey and Queenie.

Most of all I want you to know how much I appreciate you, my readers. I value you and it thrills me every time I get feedback from you, whether good or bad. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to me it makes the world and life much more spicy.

I'd love to connect with you on facebook at Author Laura J. Kendall or you can email me at authorlaurajkendall@gmail.com

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