Welcome to the home of the erotic thriller by Laura J. Kendall.

From years of experience in the dark world of emergency services, Laura created the high level security team, known as The Midnight Riders. Join the team as they respond to emergency scenes, track down serial killers and try to keep their personal lives from colliding and crashing apart.

The latest Paramedic Rose Thriller!

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Heather Lane hasn't always been a serial killer. Once she was a young girl with the world before her. Excited about her future and what her life would be. That is until she met the first of many players who used her body as their play ground and used her for money. Sure she'd been through therapy and knew why she did what she did. Nothing beat killing a player before he could hurt another woman. It was too late for her and she knew it. The Midnight Rider Security Team has been called in to help stop her. Kendall recently betrayed by Mike isn't too keen on hunting down and stopping a woman who is doing things she only fantasizes about. That it until it becomes very personal and Kendall and the team will do whatever it takes to bring this serial killer to justice.